Switch Lite Flip Cover


Protecting the Handheld

For the Holiday season many parents may be purchasing their children the new Switch Lite. However it stands to reason that before a young child gets their excited drop prone paws onto a 199.99 dollar console, they may want to have a little protection. There are as many options for game cases but as you can imagine not all fit as promised. Many times third party designers cut corners when designing their products. Other than scouring online store reviews, (which can be contradictory). There is no way besides spending the money to know if your case will actually fit. Don’t worry folks Nintendo has come to the rescue, and on Dec 8th will be releasing a Switch Lite “Flip Cover” in North America. Word has it the retail release will follow on January 9th. Either way a solution is here to the “child” proofing conundrum.

Worth the Price

The Flip Cover will fit snugly with the Switch Lite utilizing a clam shell design. This will maintain the low profile sleek image that the handheld evokes, while offering some protection for unintended spills. And speaking of “spills”, a screen protector will be included. All of this for 39.99 which in my mind is a steal. Yes you can find cheaper products made by random companies you’ve never heard of, but I’m confident in the product design the Big N has put forth.

Sleek Modern Design

In particular the extra space for thumb sticks. A top complaint among video game cases is that there isn’t enough room for the thumb sticks causing natural wear and tear. This can lead to the dreaded Joy-Con stick drift. Shoulder buttons and charging ports are easily accessible making this an attach and forget style case. It only has one color currently. A dark grey which heavily contrasts with the “pop” colors for the console. The case was released in Japan back in August and has not had a pallet change since its release. This leads me to believe there will not be an increase in colors options for this Holiday season.

Photo Source: Nintendo

If you are interested in a Switch Lite Case that offers good protection, nice looks, and is backed by Nintendo’s brand. This would be the case for you. I myself will be purchasing two as gifts.

Does the price matter to you? Do you have a reliable “3rd Party” designed case that you like better. Let me know in the comments down below or message me directly on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

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