Should Nintendo Make a Metroid Movie?


Nintendo has always been a part of pop culture. Since saving the video game industry in the 80’s to reinventing hand held gaming in the 90’s to connecting both platforms today.with the Switch. However when it comes to the silver screen they have been far more hesitant. They had the Mario Bros cartoon and cereal as well as Captain N: The Game Master among others.  I mean who could forget the flop that was the Mario Bros movie. In my opinion that movie hurt Nintendo’s trust of making movies. 

Nintendo hates sharing or giving up creative control because let’s face it no one takes care of Nintendo IP’s like Nintendo. Please note the Wand of Gamelon. So Nintendo has had a long hiatus until recently. Nintendo is working with Illumination studios on a Mario Bros. movie. What about live action?

What about a Metroid movie? 

Samus Aran is a compelling strong female character largely inspired by Ripley from the Alien franchise. Samus a bounty hunter was born on a green and rich planet called K2-L. As a young child the planet was annihilated by Space Pirates.  An alien race saved Samus from her fate only to give her a new one. This new life included injections of alien DNA and strenuous almost cruel combat training. This is an amazing premise for a story that could really reach a broad audience. A strong female protagonist that is intelligent and resourceful would really give a horror/action style sci-fi movie some life. 

The Space pirates like Ridley would be amazing to see with today’s computer animation. A powerful dragon like creature that would dominate the big screen and is Samus’s mortal enemy.  Combine this with her ability to morph as well as some amazing weaponry promises amazing visuals to catch the eye of the lazy movie goer who needs dazzling visuals to fill theatre seats. 

Who has the Chops to Play Samus?

Brie Larson dressed as Samus Aran

Who to play the leading roll? Good news we already have a well known actress mention her support for the roll. Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel has vocalized her support see her tweet here.  With Brie Larson showing interest and Nintendo taking a round turn on movie production and involvement. Nintendo as a relationship with Universal especially with Nintendo getting its own “land” at their theme parks.  This gives Nintendo the opportunity to really explore and create new Metroid fans.  

My one request is that the movie music stay true to the game. Metroid historically has is known for its moody atmospheric soundtracks that give the game the horror feel I remember the music as much as I remember the game. Getting lost in the twisting turns of Brinstar with Samus all the with its  heady over tones of music would truly be a movie experience. 

What Movie Would You Make?

With the release of Metroid Prime 4 on the horizon and talk of the prime trilogy being released for the Switch, it would be the time to strike. Nintendo is finally coming out of its shell and branching out into multiple forms of media. Metroid is the perfect movie to use for the silver screen. Smaller than its more popular siblings it has a compelling story that could appeal to the masses.  What do you think? Is Metroid the perfect choice for a movie? What would you choose instead? 

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I would love to know what you think! Did I just over-fanboy? Or do you feel something special about Metroid yourself?  If you want to share your thoughts, you can reach me @The_Lost_Hylian on Twitter, thelosthylian on Instagram, or check out my Facebook page, The Lost Hylian.

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