Person of Cultural Merit Award: Shigeru Miyamoto 1st Game Producer To Be Awarded


An Icon:

All Nintendo fans know how important the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto is to gaming.  He is the creator of such storied franchises such as Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros.  His most recent producer credit is “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. Unless you live in a box you would know the game was a big deal. The title won “163 Game of the Year” awards world wide in 2017.

For many Shigeru Miyamoto is considered the single most important person in video game history. If you recall Nintendo stepped into the video game arena around the time video game systems were facing extinction.  Miyamoto’s bold ideas not only helped resurrect video games, but also made Mario one of the most recognizable characters in world. Yes the plumber even beat out Mickey Mouse. Even to this day game designers globally can site Miyamoto as an inspiratory force for game creation.  

A Prestigious Achievement:

With such an expansive and sustained influence, it comes as no surprise that Miyamoto would receive recognition. Thus on November 5th Miyamoto along with several individuals, will be presented with the “Person of Cultural Merit Award” in Tokyo Japan. This is a high honor given by the Japanese government for those who have made major cultural contributions. What is more significant perhaps is the Miyamoto is the first video game producer in history to have earned such an achievement.

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