Nintendo Has An Official Amazon Page And I Like It.


Perhaps not the biggest revelation of the decade but Nintendo now has an official Amazon page.  You can see it here.  I like to say this all apart of the of Nintendo’s big push to modernize their image.  After the Wii U’s failure both in marketing and as a product in general you can feel the new direction they have taken. 

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Their commercials though still somewhat cheesy feel fresh and relevant.  They have reached out to third party companies to make development more user friendly. And now they have an Amazon page.  That may seem like peanuts but it shows a seismic shift in Nintendo’s approach showing a willingness to adapt.  Something the gaming giant historically fought change however has come to realize that the industry has changed.  By creating an Amazon page Nintendo has streamlined their products on one of the largest retailers in the world. And just in time for the holiday season.

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Other than general organization, there is now a toy and apparel section in which I personally feel I will spend every dollar to my name.  Everything from Mario to Splatoon you are sure to find some amazing collectables.  There is a lot of stuff on accessories.

With 82% of consumers expected to do shopping online it looks like Nintendo is poised to make the most out of the holidays season.

Do you shop online for the holidays?  See any cool stand out items that tug had your purse strings?  Let me know in the comments down below or message me directly on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

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