Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Nintendo Fan In Your Life.


So Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Nintendo Flash sale have all come to the end.  Deals have come and gone this holiday season across retail outlets around the world. Maybe you missed the sales. It could be you just got paid. Or perhaps you just need that one last gift for your Nintendo fan to complete your shopping for this holiday season.  Here are my quick thoughts on a few items that might be worth your purchasing dollar as you try to wrap up your gifts, and wrap up the loss of green stuff from your wallet:

Source: The Lost Hylian’s Switch

Kid Friendly

Luigi’s Mansion 3:

Scary fun, but don’t worry nothing in this game will give your child a fright with an E ESRB rating and ghosts that are vibrant colors as often as pasty white. You’ll find this game child accessible and not have to worry about exposure to anything unfit for the younger age group. With hours of silly fun and rich cartoon like graphics your child is sure to be entertained.

Mario Maker 2:

The second edition of the Mario Maker series is sure to entice the child that loves to build and create.  Design unique and challenging levels for friends using the textures and effects of the Mario games you love. I personally am addicted to this game as the options are endless on how to create new challenges.  You can post these levels online or plat levels that others have developed. Its truly a blast!

Hard Core Gamer

The Witcher 3

Play as Geralt of Rivia a.k.a the Witcher. He is desperately searching for his missing adopted daughter on the run from an army of evil beings who are apart of the Wild Hunt.  This game is set in a beautiful world with a stunning storyline.  However it is also chalked full of adult content so not for the little ones. Despite that graphical downgrade and battery munching in hand held mode I still enthusiastically recommend. Don’t forget this game achieved an astonishing 251 awards and is worth every penny. 

Astral Chain

A quick paced game from Platinum Games in which you control chimeras to fight other chimeras in an attempt to protect the human race from total destruction. Does this sounds like your favorite anime, or maybe every anime? Well it plays like you are watching one with a crisp graphics presentation that utilizing the Switch hardware to the max. With easy controls and colorful gameplay. This is a must have game for the season.

Honorable Mention

Bayonetta 2 

Released in 2014 on the Wii U this title did not get the attention it deserved.  This smart talking overly suggestive Witch can slow down time summon monsters all the while slaying giant angelic creations. This blasphemous enjoyable romp features addictive game play so be prepared to not put your controller down for hours on end. Be advised however there is some very suggestive themes and bad words so watch out for the younger crowd.


Smash Bros Game Case: I can’t say enough about this case by Zadii.  I own and use it extensively.  With precise cut outs you won’t find thumbsticks getting jammed and the right amount of space for both a Game Cube controller and adapter.

Image Source: Zadii Carrying Case on Amazon

Poké Ball Plus: If you are a Pokémon Go fan this is the accessory for you! It vibrates when you are near a Pokémon location. Poké Ball Plus is also compatible with “Let’s Go Pikachu” and “Let’s Go Eevee” however there are complaints as there is not enough buttons to match controller requirements and you still have to use a regular controller in conjunction.  However for those obsessed with owning everything Pokémon this seems like a no brainer.

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NES Controllers: If you are like me, you have hands that are too big for the Joy-Cons when playing singled up on the NES app. Also the button set up on the pro controller doesn’t feel very natural playing classic games.   Lucky for you and me, Nintendo made classic controllers that can charge on the switch like a Joy-Con. This is only for the Nintendo Online classic app. Not to be confused with the NES Classic. If the classic feel is essential for you during game play this is the only way to go.

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Switch Lite Shell.  Pretty amazing with a simple design and structure. Little pricey but I wrote an entire article on about it here.

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My Take

These are just a few of the many titles you can choose from as the Switch is rapidly growing its extensive library.  These suggestions are meant for the shopper with a little indecision.  The game choices with the exception of maybe Bayonetta 2 will be at most major retailers for 59.99.  Bayonetta 2 usually retails for around 45 bucks though I urge you to find a copy that contains a code to access the original Bayonetta for free. Every console needs good accessories and these are as good as any out there.

Are there any must have Nintendo items on your holiday list?  Did my list match yours, or is there a better title I left out?  Let me know in the comments down below or message me directly on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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