From The Desk of The Koopa King: 3DS Future, Joy-Con Drift, and More


Andrew Webster from the Verge had a chance to talk with the President of North America Doug Bowser. Anytime a Nintendo rep talks it catches the attention of the internet. Here are some key quotes from Pres. Bowser and my take aways.

In Regards to the 3DS

“We will continue to support 3DS this holiday and into 2020.” – Doug Bowser

There was more but really that’s all you need to know. However I would argue support for the 3DS during 2019 was pretty light. However I don’t see Nintendo admitting they have no more love for the handheld.  Doing so would take sales and undercut releases for the year.  If anything I see Nintendo letting the handheld slow burn out of the market.

Joy-Con Drift

“We are continuously looking at ways to improve our products as we go forward, but in the end we want consumers to have a great experience. And if in any case they’re not having that experience, we encourage them to contact our customer support groups and we’ll do our best to help them through that. That has been how we’ve been handling our consumers over the last few months as issues like this have arisen, and we believe that consumers are finding their way back to great gameplay experiences.” -Doug Bowser

I have sent in 3 of 4 Joy-Cons in for repair.  It seems like a matter of time rather than an possibility. If I had to pay out of pocket for the repairs I’d likely be livid.  Instead I just find myself being “grumpy cat faced” annoyed.  Especially because I talked up Nintendo’s commitment to quality in my last article.  There is no reason for this kind of problem.  However I’m not surprised at the response Nintendo is currently facing a class action lawsuit which has now added the Switch Lite to the complaint.  This is probably the most important issue with the system, I would like to see Nintendo take a stronger stance.  Offering free repairs is one thing, but I would like to see that physical changes are made to avoid the issue at all.  

On Classic Mini Consoles

“I think with the gameplay experiences you saw with some of our classic consoles that we launched a few years ago, they’re now available on Nintendo Switch Online, and this is where our focus will be.”-Doug Bowser

Literally a release of the Nintendo 64 Mini would make a ton of dough. I would probably sell all my worldly belongings to purchase multiple. I imagine the Big N will wait until sales are sluggish and a rainy day to crank it out.  

Female Audience

“One of the important trends we’re also seeing with Nintendo Switch Lite is a higher percent of female consumers are buying a Nintendo Switch Lite, which is a strong indicator of the appeal to a broader audience.”-Doug Bowser

The importance of women as gaming consumers can not be under estimated. I would like to see Nintendo continue to embrace the female audience. 

My Take

Honestly the one thing that stood out is the avoidance of the Joy-Con issue.  This problem has been identified and ongoing. Nintendo must know how to resolve it, (otherwise mine wouldn’t be fixed).  I feel avoidance will not make the problem go away. Instead this lack transparency has fueled speculation and accusation. It’s the one chink in Nintendo’s armor this console generation.  Handling it head on and taking ownership I think would inspire confidence in the consumer.  Everything else seemed to be business as usual though I am bummed there’s no N64 Mini on the horizon.

So tell me what you of Doug Bowsers thoughts. Do you have Joy-Con issues? Let me know in the comments down below or message me directly on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

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